Sunday, May 20, 2018

Happy Birthday

The Home Team: Pamula Daniel, Anil (Anibob), Susee (Chanty),
Victoriamma, Suha (Chelly) and Pastor M. Benjamin

On May 20, 1941 in Narendrapuram, Andhra Pradesh India—our beloved Susee Mable (Chanty) was born. May 20th was as blessed a day for her parents Pastor M. Benjamin and Victoriamma, as it was for Dad, Anil and me. Mum blessed us with her radiant light and unconditional love and remains, as ever, the centre of our family and world. What did we ever do to deserve her? I'm not sure but am so grateful to have loved her and been loved by her and to know that our love still endures.

Happy birthday darling Mummy. Love you forever.

Posted by: Suhasini
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